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This part of the site is dedicated to various game used cards of Shaq like floor, ball, shoelace, etc.

01-02 Articles of the Arena


01-02 Fleer Materialistic Home 45/50

04-05 Fleer Showcase Film 24/25


00-01 Fleer Genuine    Coverage

99-00 Ovation A Piece of History

00-01 Fleer Scoring Kings 043/100

01-02 Topps Chroming Lace Up



98-99 SPx Winning Materials

99-00 UD Games Used Souvenirs

99-00 UD Gamefloor

02-03 UD Hardcourt Floor


00-01 SP Game Floor

  01-02 Fleer Materialistic Away

96-97 SP Game Film

00-01 Fleer Genuine Coverage

00-01 Topps Heritage Authentic Arenas

00-01 SP Game Floor/ Fabric




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