Logomans / Logo tags

One of my favorite types of cards, logomans and logo tags. These are my most expensive cards of Shaq.

03-04 Fleer PatchWorks NBA Logoman 01/01

A little background on this card.. A couple of months ago, a card surfaced that I really wanted and I went hard for it.. Only to find out that its fake.

Well, long story short. The authentic card recently pops up and I'm lucky enough to snag it. Cost me a pretty penny but I've always wanted one in his Laker uni.
This one will be in the PC for a very very long time! 



National Treasures Tag Team Shaq/Lebron 1/1

The new centerpiece to my collection, this dual logo of Shaq/Lebron came from Panini's highest end product, National Treasures. The card features Cavs Tags for both players and is numbered 1/1!  

09-10 SPGU Quad Tag 08/10

This card was my first tag card of Shaq and it features a piece of the logoman. The card features other great centers that Shaq has battled with.

04-05 Hot Ticket Logoman 1/1

This is my first and so far, only logoman of Shaq. The card is by far my most expensive card of Shaq.


09-10 Exquisite Patch Logo Tag 6/10

This card is very special as I purchased it on the day of my birthday this year. After a lot of negotiating, the seller from China and I agreed on a price on the card. The Logo Tag that is featured in this patch card truly makes this card one of a kind!



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