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Welcome to my favorite part of the site, my top 10!

1. Autographed L.A. Lakers Jersey 34/34

I picked this item up back in 2008 as a Christmas gift for myself. The size of the jersey is the actual size Shaq wears in his games. It also has a special military ribbon in the front which meant a lot to me since I am part of the military. The numbering on the jersey just made the item a must have for me as it was the last one made! (34/34) The jersey came with a picture when Shaq was signing it and a Certificate of Authenticity from Steiner Sports.


2. 04-05 Fleer Authentix Logoman 1/1

This is my first and so far, only logoman of Shaq. The card is by far my most expensive card of Shaq.


3. Autographed Orlando Magic Jersey

I acquired this item via a trade from another Shaq collector, Danny. I traded away a bunch of Shaq cards from the PC but this was one item I had to have. The jersey features a big autograph with silver sharpie. It also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from ScoreBoard Inc.


4. 05-06 Bowman Chrome Superfractor 1/1 (with Masterset)

This card is very special as it was my first Shaq 1/1. Not only that, it was a Superfractor! And it came with the full master set! The master set features eight cards.


5. 09-10 Exquisite Patch 6/10 (Logo Tag)

This card is very special as I purchased it on the day of my birthday this year. After a lot of negotiating, the seller from China and I agreed on a price on the card. The Logo Tag that is featured in this patch card truly makes this card one of a kind!


6. 09-10 SPGU Quad Tag Shaq/ Yao/ Ewing/ Howard 08/10

This card was my first tag card of Shaq and it features a piece of the logoman. The card features other great centers that Shaq has battled with.


7. Shaquille Exquisite Collection

For the past year, I have concentrated most of my efforts to acquiring Shaq Exquisite cards. In my opinion, the best modern basketball set ever made is Exquisite. The huge jersey swatches, unique designs and great player combinations of the cards make this part of my collection one of my favorites.

I have also accumulated over 100 base cards of Shaq from all years of Exquisite.


8. 07-08 Topps Triple Threads Platinum

I just recently acquired this card and it is special as it is my 10th 1/1!


9. 04-05 Fleer Showcase Feature Film

This card is very unique as it is low numbered, features a nice patch and has an acetate cutout of Shaq.


10. 96-97 Ex2000 Credentials 342/499

This card reminds me of the good ol’ days when numbered inserts were worth something. This was the first year eX2000 came out and the set featured cutting-edge designs. I remember not being able to afford this card when I was a kid so it makes it extra special that I have it now.


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